Hello, my name’s…

Look at the following dialogue and correct the mistakes:

Maria: Hello, my name (1) Maria. What’s your name?
Tom: Hello Maria. My name are (2) Tom.
Maria: Where is (3) you from Tom?
Tom: I (4) from London. Where are you from?
Maria: I’m from Spain. I live with my parents and my brother.
Tom: How old are (5) your brother?
Maria: He (6) 15. How old are you?
Tom: I (7) 18. I live with my cousin, Jane.
Maria: How old is he (8)?
Tom: She’s 20 and she (9) a student at the university.
Maria: Are you a student Tom?
Tom: Yes, I am. Are you a student?
Maria: No I not (10) a student. I’m a nurse.
Tom: See you tomorrow Maria.
Maria: Yes, goodbye Tom.

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