Adverbs of Frequency

Hi everybody!

We are studying the Simple Present so I think it's the best time to learn that Adverbs of Frequency say how often an activity happens. We can use one word or a phrase.


  • always

  • never

  • frequently/often

  • usually

  • seldom/rarely

  • hardly ever

  • nowadays

  • every week/month/year

  • sometimes/occasionally

  • from time to time

Here are a few examples of how to use them in sentences:

  • I never get up early on Sundays.

  • My parents always travel in December.

The adverb of frequency comes after the verb to be: "I'm never late."

The adverb of frequency comes before a main verb: "He sometimes goes clubbing on Saturdays."

IMPORTANT: Use the affirmative with never and hardly ever, not the negative! - "He hardly ever stays in bed late."

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