HOMEWORK: Simple Present - Daily Routines.

Hello classmates!

Look at the pictures and write questions & answers about daily routines. Use the adverbs of frequency. Here's an example:

At what time does he wake up? He always wakes up at half past six.

Now it's your turn! Go ahead!

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  1. 1:What time Does he take a shower?
    Early in the morning when he wakes up and at night when he comes from work.

    2:What time Does he drink coffee in the afternoon? He drinks coffee in the afternoon at half past three

    3:What time Does he take the bus?
    He takes the bus half past six in the morning

    4:How long Does he surf the internet?
    One and a half hour a day

    5:When Does he go to the gym?
    Every day the night

    6:What time Does he sleep?
    Just after the National Journal


  2. Hi Camila! Thanks a lot for doing the homework. Good job, girl! See you tomorrow. :)