So, what do you do?

Hello classmates!

Today we must try to guess what's the job according to the dialogue. So please complete the gaps and write the job at the end, ok?

A: When ______ you get up?

B: At ten in the evening.

A: ______ work at night?

B: Yes, I do.

A: What ______ you ______ in the afternoon?

B: I sleep.

A: ______ do you have dinner?

B: I ______ dinner at about eleven in the morning.

A: Do ______ work in an office?

B: No, I ______.

A: Where ______ you work?

B: I ______ in an hospital.

A: So, what do you do?

B: I'm a _______.

I'll appreciate if you leave a comment with your answer!

Thanks and bye for now.

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