What kind of person are you?

Hi people!

Here's a quiz for your weekend. Enjoy it!


1. It's your birthday. Do you...
A - go clubbing with friends?
B - have dinner in a restaurant with friends?
C - get a DVD and a take-away pizza?

2. It's a sunny weekend. Do you...
A - have a picnic with family and friends?
B - visit another city?
C - read a magazine at home?

3. It's your lunch break at work. Do you...
A - meet some friends and go to the gym?
B - go to an art gallery?
C - have a sandwich at your desk?

4. It's your summer holiday. Do you...
A - go clubbing in the evening?
B - visit old buildings?
C - lie on the beach?

5. You go shopping on holiday. Do you buy...
A - some clothes for the evening?
B - a book about the place you are in?
C - an ice cream?

Now check the results. Are the results true for you?!

MOSTLY As: You're a real party animal (this person likes going out, dancing and meeting friends) and fun to be with. Don't forget to stop and rest sometimes!

MOSTLY Bs: You're a proper culture vulture (this person likes reading and going to museums and art gelleries) and like learning something new. Don't forget to join the party sometimes!

MOSTLY Cs: You're a total couch potato (this person likes staying in, eating and watching television) and usually on the sofa, doing nothing. Come on - get up and join in the fun!

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